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The oral hygiene products of the Spanish brand Kemphor® are finally available in Italy and Switzerland

We care about your well-being

Our products are a perfect balance of innovation and tradition. We use natural essences that make toothpastes effective and give them an exotic flavor.

No more hassles

We have a wide range of products that are effective against the most frequent dental problems. Toothpastes for sensitive teeth or gums, against tartar and caries and whiteners.

Kemphor® Charcoal

This high-quality toothpaste has a black color and a pleasant texture. Formulated with activated carbon from bamboo, a natural whitener, it ensures a complete and effective cleaning of the whole mouth.

Kemphor® Gums

With myrrh and natural essences. Its advanced formulation maintains and protects the gums helping to prevent their possible retraction. Helps prevent common dental problems such as plaque, tartar and tooth decay. It keeps the mouth and breath fresh thanks to its unique combination of natural essences.


All Kemphor products are distributed in Italy and Switzerland by CentoPharma. Our company researches and distributes beauty and personal care products in various European countries.

Kemphor® Classic

With peppermint and natural essences. Prevents plaque, tartar and tooth decay. Its advanced formulation protects the gums and strengthens tooth enamel. It keeps the mouth and breath fresh thanks to its unique combination of natural essences.

Kemphor® Whitener

Its advanced formula with thyme and natural essences effectively and gently removes tooth stains, restores their natural whiteness and reduces sensitivity to cold, heat, acidic and sweet foods and brushing. Low abrasiveness. Keeps the mouth and breath fresh.

Kemphor® - Concentrated Elixir

Contains active ingredients that prevent the appearance of bacterial plaque. Tones and protects the gum tissues. It prevents gum inflammation and lymph infection. It guarantees complete oral hygiene, reaching areas of the mouth where a normal toothbrush would not reach.

Kemphor® - Travel Kit

For you who are always on the go, the Kemphor® travel kit cannot be missing. Wherever you go take with you: toothbrush, classic toothpaste, elixir 1918 and dental floss. Perfect for air travel

High quality product. The sense of cleanliness of the teeth lasts a long time. Excellent gum toothpaste and elixir. Original and pleasant taste, refined packaging. I recommend it to everyone, to try!
Samuela Carlini
Sales representative
I have tried them all and they are great! The presence of fluoride in a toothpaste is essential to protect the teeth. They have a low abrasiveness so they are suitable for those suffering from dental hypersensitivity, one of the most common problems among my patients. In this regard, I recommend Kemphor® classic because it cares and protects sensitive teeth.
Romina Portanova
Prophylaxis Assistant in a Dental Practice in Switzerland for 20 years

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This series of premium products will visibly improve the health and beauty of your smile.